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September 8, 2006

We completed “Blues…” Using character traits and inference, we discussed the reasonings behind the author’s inclusion of certain passages in the story. 

Homework:  EOCT practice test;Literary Analysis:  Direct and Indirect Characterization worksheet. 


September 7, 2006

Quiz:  Commas between independent clauses

We finished reading “Blues ain’t no Mockin Bird”

Reading Strategy:  Drawing Inferences About Characters

Homework:  Benchmark Test One, EOCT Practice

September 6 First period

We discussed the following literary terms:  Indirect and Direct Characterization and Inference. 

Quiz:  Commas between two independent clauses

We began reading, “Blues ain’t no Mockin Bird.”

Homework:  Benchmark Test 1 (EOCT practice)

September 5, 2006 – 4th period

We began class by discussing the term Point of View.  Eduardo was able to come up with a great definition.  Principal Gipson came to the class and gave a brief background of her experiences and her commitment to education.  The class was then required to write a brief accounting, in their point of view, of what Ms. Gipson said.  This was an exercise in listening, note-taking and perspective.

We also discussed direct and indirect characterization as well as inference.  We began reading a short story called “Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird: by Toni Cade Bambara.

Week August 28-September 1

We read the short story, “The Secret” by Alberto Moravia. 

Students were to respond to Comprehension Skills Questions.  Remaining questions were assigned for homework.

In class discussions:  Theme, appreciating Similes and determining conflict (external vs. internal)

Mechanics:  Joining of independent clauses with conjunctions; separating dependent and independent clauses with a comma.

Week August 21-25

In keeping with the theme of structure, we read “The Most Dangerous Game.”  Students were given written work to analyze plot structure and elements of style. 

Homework:  Unit One Vocabulary (Mastery Level, Girls and Boystown Vocabulary)

Homework:  Comma Review

We read an article titled, “Speak History:  Tracing the Literary Roots of Hip-hop.”  Students were introduced to a F.I.T. sheet that we will be using throughout the semester.  This sheet encourages students to interpret writings in a way that stimulates analysis on a deeper level. 

Week of August 14-18

Students were introduced to the first unit in Ninth Grade Lit/Comp.  This unit is on short stories.  The Essential Question for this unit is:  How would I recognize a short story if I saw one?  The sub question for the lesson on  Structure is:  How does structure make a short story exciting? 

Students took notes on Plot.  We read a short story by Alice Walker and studied the structural elements of the story.