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September 8, 2006

Students used class time to continue work on myths. 


September 6, 2006

E.Q.  How do the narrative accounts reflect the individual writers’ perceptions of America?

How are the writer’s point of view, purpose, and  tone reflected in each narrative?

Vocabulary words:  Copious; pestilential

We read an excerpt from “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano.”  We also read a brief history of Christopher Columbus and a portion of one of his journal entries. 

Homework:  Bring in completed myths by Friday.  Be prepared for a test on the passages we read today.

Week of August 28-September 1

Students used class time to work on myths.  Rough drafts were turned in on Friday.  Students were asked to use the holiday week-end to continue writing.  Completed drafts are due no later than Wednesday!

Week of August 14-18

Students were introduced to the first Unit of American Lit A:  Beginnings to Colonialism.  the Essential Question for this period is:  How did colonial literature reflect and shape American culture?  We began this unit by reading several Native American Myths.  We also briefly researched symbolism in Native American traditions and how these symbols have carried on to the 21st Century.  We read “When Grizzlies Waled Upright”, “The Earth on Turtle’s Back”, the “Navajo Origin Legend”, and the Iroquois Constitution.

Here is a good site to research Native American Symbols

Week of August 21-25

Students researched Native American myths of their choice and wrote paraphrases.  They also were required to present to the class a reading of their myth and their intrepretation.  Students were introduced to a rubric for assessment.  Students were given the instructions for writing their own origin/natural phenomena myth which has a rough draft due date of September 1st.