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September 8, 2006

Students used class time to continue work on myths. 


September 8, 2006

We completed “Blues…” Using character traits and inference, we discussed the reasonings behind the author’s inclusion of certain passages in the story. 

Homework:  EOCT practice test;Literary Analysis:  Direct and Indirect Characterization worksheet. 

September 7, 2006

Quiz:  Commas between independent clauses

We finished reading “Blues ain’t no Mockin Bird”

Reading Strategy:  Drawing Inferences About Characters

Homework:  Benchmark Test One, EOCT Practice

September 7, 2006

Today we listened to an excerpt from “My Bondage and My Freedom” by Frederick Douglas. 

Homework:  Worksheet – Reading Strategy:  Establishing a Purpose

September 6, 2006

E.Q.  How do the narrative accounts reflect the individual writers’ perceptions of America?

How are the writer’s point of view, purpose, and  tone reflected in each narrative?

Vocabulary words:  Copious; pestilential

We read an excerpt from “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano.”  We also read a brief history of Christopher Columbus and a portion of one of his journal entries. 

Homework:  Bring in completed myths by Friday.  Be prepared for a test on the passages we read today.

September 6 First period

We discussed the following literary terms:  Indirect and Direct Characterization and Inference. 

Quiz:  Commas between two independent clauses

We began reading, “Blues ain’t no Mockin Bird.”

Homework:  Benchmark Test 1 (EOCT practice)

September 5, 2006 – 4th period

We began class by discussing the term Point of View.  Eduardo was able to come up with a great definition.  Principal Gipson came to the class and gave a brief background of her experiences and her commitment to education.  The class was then required to write a brief accounting, in their point of view, of what Ms. Gipson said.  This was an exercise in listening, note-taking and perspective.

We also discussed direct and indirect characterization as well as inference.  We began reading a short story called “Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird: by Toni Cade Bambara.

Tuesday September 5

We began class by listening to two spirituals:  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Go Down Moses.  After reading a brief historical selection about the origins of spirituals, we had a discussion on the meaning of Opression and how music and literature can help people speak their minds and motivate change.  Randy was quick to jump on the term ALLUSION. 

Homework:  Complete the comprehension questions for The Red Badge of Courage.

Week August 28-September 1

We read the short story, “The Secret” by Alberto Moravia. 

Students were to respond to Comprehension Skills Questions.  Remaining questions were assigned for homework.

In class discussions:  Theme, appreciating Similes and determining conflict (external vs. internal)

Mechanics:  Joining of independent clauses with conjunctions; separating dependent and independent clauses with a comma.

Week August 21-25

In keeping with the theme of structure, we read “The Most Dangerous Game.”  Students were given written work to analyze plot structure and elements of style. 

Homework:  Unit One Vocabulary (Mastery Level, Girls and Boystown Vocabulary)

Homework:  Comma Review

We read an article titled, “Speak History:  Tracing the Literary Roots of Hip-hop.”  Students were introduced to a F.I.T. sheet that we will be using throughout the semester.  This sheet encourages students to interpret writings in a way that stimulates analysis on a deeper level. 

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